• A solo exhibition “A Modest Scream”

    A solo exhibition “A Modest Scream” will be held from November 21st to December 27th at “The Mass” in Shibuya, Tokyo. This will be the artist’s first exhibition since renewing the name from “Hajime Kuwazono” to “soh souen”. The exhibition will present “tie”, the portrait series souen has been working on since 2019. Also, his abstract pastel works from the series “etude” and “caress and hug”, as well as a three-dimensional installation titled “my body, your smell, and ours” are going to be presented.

    A solo exhibition “A Modest Scream” _ soh souen

    soh souen ‘A Modest Scream’

    Dates : Saturday 21st November 2020 - Sunday 27th December 2020

    Venue : The Mass (5-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) /

  • Information

    For more information about works, please reach us from “contact”.

  • The archive film

    The archive film from the exhibition “ tie / soh souen ” in December 2019 has arrived from UNION SODA Fukuoka. The music is by naomi paris tokyo from “ jan and naomi ” who also performed at the reception. Please take a look to feel the atmosphere of this exhibition.

    " tie / soh souen " 21.Dec - 27.Dec 2019 @ UNION SODA
    music : naomi paris tokyo ( jan and naomi )

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